Rank Title Artist
1. Butterfly Kisses Bob Carlisle
2. Daddy’s Little Girl Al Martino
3. Unforgettable Natalie Cole
4. Wind Beneath My Wings Bette Midler
5. Because You Loved Me Celine Dion
6. The Way You Look Tonight Frank Sinatra or Tony Bennett
7. Daddy’s Hands Holly Dunn
8. What a Wonderful World Louie Armstrong
9. Through the Years Kenny Rogers
10. My Girl Temptations
11. Hero Mariah Carey
12. Have I Told You Lately Van Morrison
13. Wonderful Tonight Eric Clapton
14. Daughter of Mine John McDermott
15. Time of Your Life Green Day
16. Isn’t She Lovely Stevie Wonder
17. I Loved Her First Heartland
18. You’re the Inspiration Chicago
19. My Special Angel Bobby Helms
20. You Decorated My Life Kenny Rogers
21 My Little Girl Tim McGraw

In the course of every individual’s life, he must go through the process of planning his own wedding, and how spectacular the wedding is and entertained the guests are all depends on how much time and effort the bride and groom puts forth into the planning process.

Whether the person is organized and professional is all shown through one’s own wedding. Typically, if a couple is planning to marry, they should start planning the ceremony of their lives one year ahead of time. Especially in a busy city such as Toronto, planning ahead is important since numerous wedding services are constantly in demand. Not only will a couple succeed with good organization skills, good innovative thinking and creativity will also play a large role in creating the perfect Toronto Wedding.

First and foremost, before a couple decides the details of their wedding, they must decide on a specific date and setting. As soon as the time and location has been chosen, it would be wise to reserve the location immediately to avoid possible conflicts with others who are planning their wedding in Toronto. There are hundreds to thousands of beautiful wedding reception facilities and banquet halls in Toronto, and choosing the right one may take some time. As soon as the time and location is set, it would be a good idea to draw up a guest list, which actually takes an unbelievably a long time to do.

After the couple has selected their Toronto wedding location and date, they can start looking for numerous assets and services for their wedding. Choosing the bride’s wedding dress nine to twelve months before the wedding allows the bride ample time to select the perfect dress for her special night. It will also give her time to request modifications or changes if needed. Allow a few months time to carefully select the perfect decorations, chair covers, and lien. It would also be wise to spend more time in deciding the right wedding photographers in Toronto, since there are thousands of them to choose from. Choosing the right photographer is essential and possibly one of the most important parts of a Toronto wedding because these photos will be the memory pieces of the beautiful moments during the wedding.

Another crucial aspect that should be planned at least nine months before the Toronto wedding is selecting the wedding cake. The wedding cake is like a monument representing the couple in the wedding. The creativity and design of the wedding cake allows the couple to stand out during their wedding. Not only will an elegant and large wedding cake bring praises from guests, it will also instill pride within the couple, as having one of the most unique wedding cakes in Toronto.

In about half year’s time, the to-be-married couple should start creating their menu and reserve their caterers in Toronto if they have not done so. Food is also another important aspect in a wedding and is a way to show the elegance and grandeurs of the Toronto wedding. The type of food should match the decorations and central theme of the wedding. If the reception facility is a Chinese restaurant, then the food and decorations should be of an Oriental theme. Choosing the right caterer is important to deliver the best and most delicious food to impress guests.

Three months before the wedding, most of the planning such as decorations, live music and entertainment should be completed. It would also be a good time to reserve limousines or other modes of transportation to the wedding. The traditional arrival for the marrying couple is through riding Toronto wedding limousines, but one can be creative and choose something else such as motorcycles, old-fashioned vehicles or even helicopters. Be brave and try something new! Not only will a creative mode of transportation to a wedding impress guests upon arrival, it will also be fun and an enjoyable experience for the bride and groom.

With two months to one month before the grand wedding, everything should be all well planned out. The marrying couple should be in their final stages of planning. Booking make-up, hairdressers, and beauty salons should be done during this time. Also, buying gifts and favors should also be started since they are a big hassle if left to the last week before the wedding. Everything should be finalized and almost ready. Vows and speeches should be already drafted and ready to go.

If planned efficiently, the final weeks before a wedding should not be too extremely stressful. If caterers and other services have not been confirmed, it would be a wise idea to give them a call. Also give a call to all guests as a reminder of the grand Toronto wedding. Basically, the last few weeks before the wedding should be all about confirmations and making sure everything will go smoothly as planned on that special day. Have several rehearsal dinners to make sure everything will go perfectly smooth. This time would also be a good time for bachelor and bachelorette parties and close bonding with future in-laws and friends.

The amount of stress before and wedding and the grandeur impressions from guests all depends on how much time and organization the bride and groom decides to put forth. If one if dedicated and organized, the process of this commonly-deemed tedious task in planning a wedding will go as smoothly as slicing butter. With great planning and organization, the bride and groom will be able to sit down for a cup of coffee even before the day of their Toronto wedding.

budgetting your weddingSetting a budget for the ceremony and wedding reception is somewhat easy — you have what you have and that’s that. Sticking to the budget is where things get tough. For now, the engaged couple needs to sit down with both sets of parents to discuss how much money they have, how much money they need, and who will be footing the bill for what part of the wedding.

Click here to print a sample worksheet for footing the bill.

It’s going to be difficult at times, but try to plan a wedding within your means. Before you begin, determine a priority list for the ceremony and the reception. Ask yourselves a silent question: Is what we are spending on this item really worth it to both of us? After all, needing five years to pay off the reception is not the way to go, especially since most newlyweds have a long list of wanna-haves, such as a first home and/or new furniture.

Click here for a sample worksheet to determine priority lists.

Campers learn Jewish tradition

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of the Journal Star
Posted Jul 03, 2008 @ 09:35 PM


The groom was 10, the bride was 9 and the rabbi wore shorts.

A few dozen young people took part Thursday in a mock Jewish wedding at Camp Gan Izzy, a Jewish day camp run by Lubavitch Chabad of Peoria at Peoria Academy.

The three-week camp is held annually as a way to impart Jewish values, teach Jewish traditions and have some fun. Each day has its own theme. Thursday’s revolved around a traditional Jewish wedding.

The mock ceremony followed the outline of a real Jewish wedding, which the campers got to see in the form of a video of Rabbi Eli Langsam’s nuptials. Some of the details differed, however.

For example, the blessings to be imparted over the groom took the form of popular children’s songs, such as “Old MacDonald,” and Camp Gan Izzy chants, like “I’m a Jew and I’m proud and I’ll sing it aloud, that’s what forever I’ll be!”

The huppah, or canopy, held over the heads of the couple was made from plastic table covers instead of a prayer shawl and hoisted on sticks rather than poles.

And the glass cup broken at the end of the ceremony to shouts of “Mazel tov!”? Paper, not plastic.

But the sense of joy at a Jewish wedding that Langsam wanted to impart in the demonstration was authentic.

“There’s a lot of dancing,” the rabbi said.

The celebrants gathered into separate circles of boys and girls, joined arms and danced around to the disco-ish music, sometimes spinning off into silliness before being reined back in by one of the seven counselors.

Finally the group gathered around a chair, first hoisting the bride, Samantha Savage, and then the groom, Joshua Eckhart.

Throughout the dancing the kids stole back to tables to nibble on the wedding feast of popcorn, pretzels and Twizzlers.

Adam Raso, who was the groom in last year’s demonstration, presided over the ceremony as the rabbi this year, complete with a black hat and rubbed-on beard. Before the wedding, he walked around with two notebook sheets filled with facts about Jewish weddings that he would recite later.

“The bride always has to cover her head,” he told one observer.

“Everybody wish mazel tov to the bride and groom, who’s sitting over there,” said Rivkie Shuchat of Toronto, one of the camp counselors, before she ran over to Eckhart with mock tears of joy, screeching, “Oh, I can’t believe it!”

After the dancing subsided, a few skits and songs were performed as the celebration wound down, but not before a final blessing was sung.

Mindy Eckhart arrived in time to see the last part before picking up her son, the groom.

“The camp is fabulous,” she said. “He just loves it. They make it fun, enjoyable. It’s like the kids don’t know they’re learning, but they are.”

The camp, the name of which stands for Garden of Israel, continues the next two weeks.

Michael Miller can be reached at 686-3106 or mmiller@pjstar.com.
Source: http://www.pjstar.com/failth/x1816439378/Campers-learn-Jewish-tradition

Rank Title Artist
1. Wind Beneath My Wings Bette Midler
2. Through the Years Kenny Rogers
3. A Song for Mama Boys II Men
4. A Song for My Son Mikki Viereck
5. What a Wonderful World Louis Armstrong
6. Because You Loved Me Celine Dion
7. Unforgettable Natalie & Nat King Cole
8. Have I Told You Lately Rod Stewart
9. Forever Young Alphaville
10. Sunrise Sunset Fiddler on the Roof Soundtrack
11. In My Life Beatles
12. The Perfect Fan Backstreet Boys
13. The Rose Bette Midler
14. I am Your Child Barry Manilo
15. Could I Have This Dance Anne Murray
16. Hero Mariah Carey
17. Beautiful In My Eyes Joshua Kadison
18. A Smile Like Yours Natalie Cole
19. Memories Elvis Presley
20. My Wish Rascall Flatts
Rank Title Artist
1. That’s What Friends are For Dione Warwick
2. Celebration Kool & the Gang
3. YMCA Village People
4. We Are Family Sister Sledge
5. Theme from Friends Theme from Friends
6. Thank You Dido
7. RESPECT Aretha Franklin
8. All My Life K-Ci & Jojo
9. Lean on Me Club Nouveau
10. A Little Help from my Friends Beatles
11. Thank you for Being a Friend Andrew Gold
12. You’ve got a Friend James Taylor
13. You’ve got a Friend in Me Randy Newman
14. I Will Survive Gloria Gaynor
15. Let’s Stay Together Al Green

I just stumbled on various full wedding planning website that take care of everything for you.  Imagine not having to do the labour intensive parts of your wedding and only making decisions. 

This is exactly what you’ll be doing for most of these wedding planning companies.  A proper wedding will take about 250-300 solid hours to plan and execute.  This includes the hours they’ll be there during the ceremony.  Here are some services that are offered by some of these planners.

  • All services provided in Wedding Day Coordination are included
  • Unlimited Wedding day coverage 
  • Venue/ site referrals and visits to the location together
  • Vendor appointments with consultant 
  • Ceremony planning & design guidance/recommendation
  • Reception planning & design guidance/recommendation
  • Etiquette lessons/advisement during wedding ceremonies
  • Act as the liaison between you and all vendors throughout the planning process

Hand over the stress, relax and meet your deadlines by allowing the consultants to handle everything from booking appointments to taking care of your actual wedding day.  After all, it’s your wedding and you deserve to enjoy it. 

Please comment below if you have used a complete wedding planner and recommend anyone. 

newspaper and magazine announcements of your engagementNewly engaged couples often send an official announcement to their local newspaper and/or city magazine. They need to contact the publications to find out the submission deadlines, run dates, and photo requirements (you may want to keep an engagement photo log with key information). Be sure to keep track of the newspapers and magazines contacted so you both can buy up plenty of copies when the announcement is published.

A proper announcement includes:

  • Bride’s full name
  • Groom’s full name
  • Bride’s mother’s name
  • Groom’s mother’s name
  • Bride’s father’s name
  • Groom’s father’s name
  • Bride’s parents’ hometown and state
  • Groom’s parents’ hometown and state
  • Wedding site city, state
  • Season, month, and/or date of wedding

It is not recommended that the couple include addresses, since they will receive many wonderful gifts during the next few months and don’t want to tip off burglars.

Engagement parties often occur soon after making the official announcement. Presents are not generally given; if, however, someone does bring a gift, be sure to promptly send a thank you card. It’s an easy gesture to forget, since about now both of your minds are focused on wedding plans, and you probably do not yet have official thank you cards printed.

Did you both get through the budget, timetable, rings, and announcement without a hitch? Good for you! If not, take a deep breath. It will all work out, and there’s a lot more to do! Let’s move on to find out more about making the guest list and selecting invitations in the next section.

Source: howstuffworks.com

Planning your weddingSit down together to determine a wedding date priority list. You both may want to include your families in this conversation, especially if they live out of town. Here are several important things to consider when choosing a date:

The honeymoon: Consider the type of honeymoon you both want. For instance, if you are both sun-worshipers, don’t plan a wedding date when your favorite island is experiencing monsoon season.

Work schedules: You both may have work periods when you can’t take time off. Select a date when your lives are least demanding.

Holidays and family occasions: Some couples go out of their way to schedule a wedding over a three-day weekend, so everyone has more time together. This idea works best if you send invitations at least eight weeks in advance; otherwise, people might already have plans.

The bride’s menstrual cycle: The bride wants to look and feel her best on her wedding day. If she suffers unpredictable cycles, a quick chat with her gynecologist may bring up solutions.

Day of the week: Saturdays are generally the preferred wedding day. That way, out-of-town guests can easily stay overnight. Weekday dates result in many regrets.

Alternate dates: If possible, have a first-choice date and at least one backup date.
Once the couple decides on a date, the real fun can begin! Work backward from the chosen date to determine a timetable of what needs to be done when. Some tasks, such as mailing invitations and picking up the rings, obviously can’t be checked off until two months before the Big Day. On the other hand, you both want to take care of other items — booking a florist and reception site, for example — at least a year in advance.

Click here for a timetable to organize your timelines for your wedding.

wedding budget management for newlywedsNow that you have heard wedding bells and experienced the joys of your wedding ceremony, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll merge your finances. The budget management situation of a newlywed couple is not something to take lightly – the foundations you build right from the start will affect the entire relationship. Don’t simply think that “things will sort themselves out.” That’s the mindset of a financially troubled marriage.

Over 90% of couples admit to arguing over their budget management, and 34% cite it as a major problem in their marriage.1 Imagine not planning out who will handle your bills and organize your joint savings, let alone plan an overall budget for the family – and you might just cringe. Each spouse has their own interpretation of “important” expenses, and they’re going to spend accordingly without some joint agreements.

Coming up with those agreements, though, can be hard without the proper ways to track spending. Especially for young newlyweds in their late teens or early twenties, knowing what to do with taxes, savings, and 401k plans can be so confusing that many often revert to simply avoiding the subject altogether. Unfortunately, the theory of “if we ignore it, maybe it’ll work itself out” usually leads to more tension than satisfaction.

As if that weren’t enough, many newlyweds these days are thirty-somethings who are combining households and finances – a complicated issue by any measure. Whether you’re 19 or 35, then, there are several key factors and financial items that should be on any newlywed’s To Do list after the excitement of the wedding dies down.

1. Combining and Optimizing Insurances

Job One for any “financial marriage” is for both of you to change your insurance coverage. If both spouses have insurance coverage, it’s best to examine the different plans and costs to decide where the combination should occur. For instance, if the husband has insurance coverage that allows for free spousal coverage, you can set the wife up under that policy and start cutting your spending immediately.

If you can duplicate coverage, that’s good! Duplication ensures that should a medical emergency occur, your insurance policies should cover all of the important issues. If you are paying for insurance under one policy, but not the other, it may be a good idea to place the insurance coverage under the free policy and eliminate the charged one, if possible. Look for ways to lower your overall costs without losing coverage for both.

Mint’s Tip: A popular comparison site for health insurance is eHealthInsurance.com. They list many of the major insurers, and don’t require you to input your personal information before seeing the plan specifics such as monthly premium, deductible, and coinsurance percentage.

Aside from just medical insurance coverage, you’ll also need to combine homeowners insurance, renters insurance, auto insurance, and possibly life insurance. Make sure that you aren’t paying for the same coverage twice, and combine everything when and where possible. Your overall costs are cheaper when combined – for instance, auto insurance policies always offer multiple-driver and multiple-car discounts. Since most policies will require you to complete these changes within 30 days of your marriage, it’s a quick way to see financial savings immediately.

Keep in mind, as well, that your insurance coverage policies need verification of the marriage in order to proceed. Don’t just wait around and count on filing the marriage certificate paperwork to get that document in time! Most offices take 4-6 weeks to process your certificate. Make it a point to go down to your local county recorder’s office and get a copy, so that you can set up your policies quickly and efficiently.

While you’re changing your insurance coverage policies, you’ll also need to change your beneficiaries should something go wrong. Most people allow their spouse to be their beneficiary for all bank accounts, savings accounts, retirement plans, and insurance policies – so you’ll have to make those decision, as well. Also, some employers require that you identify the person who would receive your final check should something happen to you. Make sure to identify that person as your spouse, as well.

2. Juggling the Tiny Details and Plan for the Unexpected

There are also other issues that should be addressed before you race off to the honeymoon. If one spouse will be changing his or her name, for example, that change should be filed with the social security administration. That spouse will be issued a new social security card and, with that information, can change driver’s licenses or IDs to reflect the change. Anyone who sends you mail – such as credit card companies, magazine companies, and even, where applicable, your alumni association – should be alerted, too.

Now that that’s all taken care of, you’ll need to upgrade your wills next. This step is particularly important, as an old will can cause a terrible knot of problems should something happen to you or your spouse. Don’t stall from addressing these concerns quickly – although planning for situations like these can be difficult, ignoring them will only compound the problem. Make sure your desires are made clear.

3. Figure Out Where You Both Stand Financially

Your next obvious step is one that’s hard to overlook: reviewing all credit cards and other debt obligations between you and your spouse. Many people have credit cards, while others have student loans, child support, and alimony. It’s a good idea to sit down and plan out a way that you and your spouse can pay off these debts. While a perfect solution would be to eliminate your debt prior to getting married so as not to burden your spouse with your own debt, this isn’t always a possibility. Therefore, it’s important for both parties to work on making their family and their marriage debt-free.

4. Budget Management For Your Future – Together

Beyond just paying off debts, though, you’ll want to review your financial goals for life. When do you both plan to retire? Do you own a home yet? If so, do you want to plan on moving into a larger home? If you don’t own a home yet, you’ll often want to draw up a timeline goal for buying one. How long will it take you to save up money for a down payment, and what can the two of you afford when it comes to a home purchase? Set goals together, as a couple, so that you both have a clear understanding of your desires, your goals, your milestones, and the means by which to accomplish them.

This last step brings us to a key point: a newlywed couple absolutely must develop a budget. It is essential that the two of you work out your income, your monthly expenses, and debt obligations. Once that’s been determined, you can make key decisions on how to save money, create an emergency fund, or invest in options for the future. Without a budget, you are going to experience a difficult time together!

With this budget in hand and your plan for the future set, your debt repayment plans laid out, and your key financial information changed over, as a couple you’re ready for a successfully and financially responsible marriage together. Stress levels will be lower and your foundation will be set for a strong marriage based on financial responsibility. Hopefully, all of this planning will ensure that money will never be what comes between you both!

Source: http://blog.mint.com/blog/finance-core/four-steps-for-responsible-budget-management-for-newlyweds/