While the new couple are flying high and simply giddy, integrate a few stress-busters into your daily life. Then they’ll already be part of your routine once the really tough stuff starts.

Pick your favorite exercise, and stick with it. Whether it’s yoga, kick-boxing, or spinning, give this activity a few hours each week.

If you both have something that calms your nerves — be it reading, painting, or collecting rocks along the shore — don’t always put wedding plans ahead of this activity. You’ll stay calmer, make sounder decisions, and enjoy the entire planning process more if you stay relaxed.

Learn to ask for help. Delegating makes everyone feel better: It makes both or your Moms feel as if she has a vital role, and it puts less on your to-do list.

Don’t forget one of the most important reasons you are getting married to each other — because you love spending time together. Once a week go on a date, and ban any talk about the Big Day.