It’s important to know the latest wedding trends to ensure that you’ll well dressed for the occasion.  If you’re getting married, it’s you should already be well aware of the trends.  As a new bride to be, I’m assuming that you’ve already attending some wedding shows, checked out various wedding stores, etc.  Every year, designers introduce fresh designs and concepts.  Here are some trends of 2010: 

White & Soft Green – With the new trend toward green and ecofriendly weddings, these colors will look very trendy and perfect for 2010.  Some tones of purple and lilac may also be among the trendy colors.

Black accessories – With trendy light colors, contrasting accessories will create a sharp, modern, and trendy look.  Items such as black roses, decorations, or any other accessories will give a sophisticated and well designed/dressed look.

Pink dresses – One of the top choices of 2010 are pink dresses.  Wedding dressses in paste/classic pink will look great. Flapper dresses along with a mid-calf fitted length style will give a trendy new look to the traditional pink.

Red wedding gowns – Red is sharp, viabrant, and the right choice for the spring of 2010.  Red with classic and pastel white will add color and romantic look and feel.

Mini wedding dress – The fresh trend of spring 2010 is short dresses. You can pair your look with some ankle tied flip-flops or sandals to give a dramatic look.

Bright orange color scheme – Bright orange color will work marvelously if combined with soft peach tones. Use orange petals and camera for the maximum effect around the reception table. You can tie the peach gift boxes with orange ribbons. Also add tiger lilies and orange gerberas into the bridal bouquets

Bright Yellow and Turquoise Shades – If you are looking for a big tropical scheme in the spring of 2010, you can focus around Bright yellow and Turquoise shades. You can mix these colors in the spring of 2010 with the hot wedding theme. Bold boxes can be tied with blue and yellow ribbons. You can order the florist to introduce the slash of the same colors in the bride’s bouquet. This even will be more coordinated with the wedding cake cuts.